Friday, April 07, 2006

And so We've Arrived!

In the words of an immortal cartoon fanatic:
Yippee Yahooey!!!
We're here!!
Well I'm here and just brimming with tons of fabulous wedding planning resources and tips for my lovely brides. They are on their way, just getting set up so they can begin posting their little bridal hearts out.
So what are we doing? Well we aren't reinventing the wheel over here, just following a few DC area brides through the sometimes harrowing process of planning their weddings. Weddings are a big deal in the Capital, there's such a mix of styles and very high expectations. We are blessed with a wealth of historic venues sidled along next to some of the poshest contemporary sites you can find anywhere.
So go ahead and set your RSS feed to track us as we venture down the road of creating absolutely stunningly fabulous weddings for these brides.


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