Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What's In My Bag?

I get this question a lot:
Q: What do you carry in your Bride's Emergency Kit?
A: Everything I need.
Why the coy answer? Well, because in all honesty a number of the items I carry in my kit make sense because I do 35 weddings a year and for the average bride who will use the kit for a day, I would hate to see you run out hunting high and low purchasing trial size items that will sit in your bathroom closet forever.

But here's what I carry:
My case is by Sonia Kushik for Target
The don't have the actual case I own on the website anylonger but I chose it becasue it's deep and has velcro attached pouches that zip andhave ventilation which are really handy to rip out without schlepping the whole kit around. However, Target does have this one on sale.

Extra pantyhose and Black socks (MEN!...)
Stain removal swabs (these also come as wipes)
Feminine protection (OB and Liners compact for space)
Sewing kit with color coordinated thread
Mints and gum (I find gum often works faster)
Hair pins ( black, brown and silver)
Nail-polish (clear and a trio of French Mani colors)
Safety pins (all sizes)
White Out (for scuffed shoes)
Hair Spray
Hand Lotion and Cocoa Butter
Anti Bacterial Hand Wash
JAM (hair gel)
Nail clippers, nail files, tweezers,
Tiny Pliers (for Stuck zippers)
Pipe cleaners
Black and Brown eyebrow pencils
Black Sharpie
Clear buttons
Corsage pins
Sunblock and Aloe Vera
Disposable toothbrush and toothpaste
First aid kit and ice pack

Hope it helps!


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