Friday, July 28, 2006

Things Coming Together

It's been an eternity since my last post but...things have been starting to come together for the wedding. We've pretty much decided when and where the wedding will be.

I'm glad we took a second look at the venue and were able to ask lots of questions about the logistics of the reception. We have decided what we want to do for a reception; a tea party theme. We hope to have lots of pastries, tea sandwiches and maybe small salads. We actually are meeting with a caterer today. I can't wait!

I'm kind of worried about decorating the reception hall. Haven't been able to bring myself to think about how much it will cost to decorate a giant synagogue. I'm told that buying flowers wholesale is a great way to go in terms of saving money. This is fine with me. I think a simple flower arrangement should suffice for the reception. We'll have to see how things go.

We're having fun, but going and checking our vendors is taking alot of time. I reccomend going to expos and things like that. I went to one last weekend and got an idea of what's out there. Definitely something one should do while planning a wedding.


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