Thursday, January 04, 2007

Insurance with a bonus

I finally decided that the risk to my health of each heartstopping episode of potential ring loss, when I take it off and place it delicately on the bathroom sink - (a no no my jeweler told me), or swim in the ocean on vacation (an absolute certifiable moment of folly) - was enough to put my procrastinating self in gear and get some insurance. So, I started making the calls, and...

Lo and Behold, All State Insurance is will bestow you with a FREE wedding planner if you are a policy holder.

To my astonishment, the wedding planner is the "Easy Wedding Planning" planner, a planner mine eye had been coveting in the early days of my wedding planninghoodom. It's a great, comprehensive, real color picture planner.

And as always, free can't be beat.


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