Friday, March 16, 2007

As read on The Knot...

Back when I was in NY, I used to read this blog entitled something to the effect of "As heard in NY" where people would post mostly comical, and often outrageous statements, conversations, or sayings overheard while they were out and about mingling with the rest of society.

I thought it might be kinda fun to do a wedding related "As heard on wherever I happen to be reading or being" at that moment in particular. Because as I've discovered people say the craziest things - especially where weddings are involved. And they are always most often a great source of amusement. ;)

Today's statement: An informational factoid. We're supplying our own alcohol at our wedding reception. Apparently you can arrange with certain liquor stores to supply your alcohol, where they will deliver whatever is needed, AND pick up whatever is left over at the end of the night. What a great service. I am definitely going to look into this!


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