Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Color Me Undecided

Choosing a color-scheme for your wedding is no simple task! From favorite colors, to season-appropriate tones, to flattering shades and lovely accents, the possibilities are endless. And while a specific color theme is by no means necessary for creating a beautiful wedding experience, it can turn a bare reception site into a lavish gallery. Colors make your pictures pop and, depending on how and why you choose them, they can really set your wedding apart from the more basic, albeit classic, black and white affairs.

But how does one begin to choose from such an expansive rainbow of options? I recommend focusing first on your bridesmaids' dresses. Let's face it, the age-old adage that dressing down your maids will boost your own aesthetic appeal is ridiculous, and cruel. These are your best friends, your sisters. These are the women that you have chosen above all others to stand beside you on your special day and act as your emotional caregivers and aides. They deserve the opportunity to look just as beautiful as you do, and considering all the pictures they'll be included in, it should be your ultimate goal to make sure each of your maids looks happy and well dressed. So choose a central color that you think will best flatter all of your girls. Don't pick a color that makes your brunette bridesmaids shine, but completely washes out blonds, or girls with fairer complexions. Ask each of your maids to compile a list of colors that they feel are the most flattering for their appearance, and those that make them feel the least attractive. Compare the lists and try to pick a color that all your bridesmaids will feel good wearing. Do you really have your heart set on pink, but one of your bridesmaids thinks it makes her look like a bottle of Pepto-Bismol? Try mixing and matching different shades. Nowadays more and more designers are creating bridesmaid dresses in such a huge variety of color options that you're sure to find a shade that is suitable to each maid's taste. I recommend checking out David's Bridal Make a Match Separates. You can test out different color combinations and browse designer picks, as well as view David's Bridal's own favorite color combos.

Once you've chosen your bridesmaid dresses, you are well on your way to winning the color choice challenge! All that's left is to find your accent colors. For this, I suggest visiting your local paint store. Go in and grab some of those free color swatches and mix and match different colors until you find a combination that you love. Don't forget to find a swatch with the color that most closely matches your bridesmaid gowns, so you know for sure what you're working with. Or, if you're looking for a short cut, check out the Sherwin Williams Color Visualizer. Again, just choose the color that matches your bridesmaid dresses and the Visualizer will give you a coordinating color scheme! Yes, it's true, these are paint color options, not napkins or flowers, or place settings, but it will give you an idea of what colors go best with the one you've chosen and will put you on the right path to picking out all the necessary reception trimmings.


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