Sunday, September 09, 2007

Knock Out Knock Off's

I recently worked with a bride that had theopportunity to travel abroad during the process of planning her wedding. I thought this was a fantastic opportunity to pick up attendant gifts and wedding favors and have them shipped back to the States. The items would be inventive and unique and have a story behind them. Instead she came home with a boat load of fake purses and wallets she was Absolutely ecstatic. I, much less so.

Knock off bug me. I understand the desire for everyone to have a piece of What's In. But more than a name or an emblem, there is a workmanship and quality in true designer goods. I love supple leathers and brass workings. So I like many others have had to save a little here and there and check out the outlets and sample sales to nab a goodie. There is a pride I have in my collection of designer purses and shoes and accessories.

There is a neat little quiz on Portfolio.com to seek if you can spot a knock-off, i think it's fun. Give it a try. No this really doesn't have anything to do with weddings, other than maybe learning to spot quality and that you pay for what you get. Maybe that's the moral of the story.


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