Friday, September 28, 2007

Tobi - For the Look You Need

Ok, you are the bride. In my, never again to be humble opinion, I think you should look fabulous during the entire planning process. Let the radiant glow of engagement be upon you. The reality is though that many of my brides are so busy frantically researching, planning, working, studying and DIY’ing that they’ve let themselves go.

Help has arrived! I need for you to head on over to Tobi.com for some really fantastic fashions and bring your man. Tobi has really fantastic items for both of you. Fall is here and what’s better than cashmere. Vince sweaters are the way to go. I especially love the babydoll sweater. Couple it with a pair of Paige jeans and have your honey grab one of these fantastic by Diesel jackets to toss in the backseat and you are ready to hit the road and negotiate with any vendor out there! While over at Tobi be sure to take a peek at the Beauty Bar, again for Him and Her.
Billy Jealousy is a must try. What better way to really get HIM into a skin regime (just don’t call it that.) Lastly, be responsible and cruise through their eco-friendly shop, Eco-Tobi, an entire green shopping area. While there peruse their neat findings from an eco-friendly visit to Costa Rica. Get on it!



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