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As I stated before, this past weekend was Wedding Weekend Mania! My mom and aunt came to D.C and we spent 80% of the time going to different bridal salons, visiting with our caterer, looking at hotels, and checking out the space of our venue...I will be sharing these posts the rest of the week, but I wanted to start out today how I started out the weekend, talking about Hannelore's.

I know a couple of the fellow brides on here have commented on it ( sorry if I comment on stores other brides have gone to, but since I'm not getting married till September I'm a little behind, but still want to share my experience :) ). Anyways, I have heard mainly negative reviews on Hannalores, not only from on here, but from the bridal community at large.

Personally I had a great experience there. I went in not expecting the best, I even warned my aunt and mom. We were greeted by Danielle, a lovely lady who proceeded to take us upstairs to start the dress searching process. She was very helpful, she stayed within our budget ( not trying to push us to get a more expensive dress), she never tried to force a sale on us, she was very delightful. I found a dress there that I really liked

It is by Marisa, Style 676 . Like I said I liked the dress, but it wasn't a LOVE feeling, so even though this was a great dress I still wasn't sure.

I will share with you my other finds ( ending with a purchase of a dress!) in later posts, but I have to say, even though you hear negative feedback don't immediately disqualify a place. If Hannelores hadn't been so close to me ( its in Alexandria), I probably wouldn't have bothered going, and would have missed out on a truly pleasurable experience!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah it wasn't my favorite shopping experience but I do think brides should go there because of the large selection...they have many more dresses then the average store.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007 1:52:00 PM  

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