Monday, December 31, 2007

Luxe City Guides

Recently I've read in a couple of magazines about Luxe City Guides. These accordion style guides are small enough to fit in your hand and they give an inside look to everything that is hot in the city you are visiting.

What I like about the guides - 1) they are created by style editors who actually live in the city 2) they are updated online a few times a year so if you buy one you are sure to get the most current information no matter when you go 3) they have guides for typical honeymoon cites like Rome and Paris but they also have them for cool cities like Dubai and Chiang Mai. 4) The guides are only $9 each and they look beautiful. It would be such a nice and thoughtful gift. 5) You can buy customizable sets. So if you or a friend is going to China you can get guides to Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Beijing all together.

For maps of your city and a lowdown on history you should stick to good ol' standbys like Lonely Planet, but if you want to know which restaurant is hot in Bangkok, where the chic ladies shop in Paris, or what tailor to go to in Hong Kong then pic up a Luxe City Guide.

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