Monday, February 04, 2008

No rest for the weary

Granted, we're just under five days away from The Big Day but so far the forecast is predicting beautiful weather!!! I will seriously be amazed if we don't end up getting hit by a huge snowstorm. I'm not even superstitious as to not mention it in the first place. Whatever happens will happen. :)

The rest of my week is chock full of stuff to do. I work until Wednesday but come Wednesday evening, I'm completely booked with things!

There are flowers to be received and arranged.

There are pew bows and garlands to be measured and assembled.

There are cigars to be purchased for the much anticipated baby announcement.

There are friends to be picked up at the airport *one of my FAVORITE things of all for the wedding*!!!

And there are a dozen and a half other things to attend to in addition to everything aforementioned - that of which includes getting a hold myself and really believing that this is going to REALLY all happen. :-o

You don't understand. See... I was the girl who, last year at this time, wasn't even thinking about marriage OR a baby. And now here I am a year later experiencing both. Who woulda thunk it? Definitely not me.

But enough of that. Because I better start believing that it all actually is happening since... well... it ACTUALLY IS HAPPENING.

Here are some more details of the wedding:

The plush kitty and doggy to represent our "fur babies" who can't actually be with us on our day.

A pair of matching soup bowls decorated with cherry blossoms for the "winners" of the anniversary dance.

And the traditional Chinese New Year red envelopes that we will be using to
1) give to the children for the traditional children's gifts/wishes and
2) using for our vendor "money" envelopes.


I better get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight. :-p I was up until past midnight last night - that's at least two hours beyond my bedtime - and I gotta be up tomorrow morning for a staff meeting!!!


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