Friday, February 29, 2008

Nobody Told Me I Had To Get A Cake...

Due to uncontrollable circumstances our reception site is no longer able to provide our cake. What I thought was a checked box and a done deal suddenly became a new line on my "to do" list. They gave us two choices a) give us a credit for the price of the cake and let us bring in an outside cake vendor or b) serve our guests a plated dessert instead of cake.

We made up and are going with choice C) serve our guests a plated dessert and have a mini cake made for Fiance and I to cut. I'm actually pretty excited about this because our guests can have something that tastes waaaay better then a slice of cake, but Fiance and I still get the pomp and circumstance of the cake cutting.

The only problem is, I haven't done any cake research. I'm a major research addict and love information of all kinds. All of my vendors were researched to the N-th degree. I hate making snap decisions without all the info, but this late in the game, I knew I had to find someone fast. Even worse, we didn't have time to go down to Charlottesville for a cake tasting. I'm not too worried about this, though, because the cake is just for Fiance and I so even it's not the best cake in the world it's o.k.

So based entirely on the advice of my wedding planner and good reviews from other C-Ville knotties I went with Teri Edwards of Cakes Unlimited. Like pretty much everything in my wedding I want something simple with clean lines. This over circulated pic from the Cake Girls is my inspiration. Of course I know that it will be hard to re-create the magazine like perfection of that cake, especially since we will be using real flowers, so I'm not expecting an exact replica, but just something with the same vibe.

At first we were just going to get a small one layer round cake, but after talking to Teri she believes the cake will look better if it is two layers and she's throwing in the extra layer for free! I love a person who doesn't sacrifice their artistic talent over money.

The cake is going to be small but I think it will be SUPER cute. We bought a tiny 8 inch round cake stand at T.J. Maxx that we can loop a green ribbon through, and the bottom layer of the cake will be 6 inches round, and the top layer 5 inches round. The flavors will be chocolate with coconut filling and Irish cream buttercream icing. Can't wait to see how cute it's going to be!

Below are shots of some of Teri's more modern and simple cakes, but the woman has mad skills and can do all the fancy curls, swirls, dots, and frills of a more traditional cake. To check out more of her beautiful work visit her Pics Album on her myspace page.

^Had to throw in some cupcake porn for all the cupcake brides out there
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