Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Fellow DC/VA/MD Brides..today is the day to VOTE :) I'm sure you all know that, but be aware of long lines, bring a book or bridal magazine to read! I stood in line for almost 2 hours this morning ( although the guy in front of me was a florist and offered me his business card while standing in line). This election affects everybody in the D.C area, its a political city, and almost everyone knows somebody who works on capitol hill or in government in some form!

With that in mind, to tie this into "wedding talk". One of the Bees over at Weddingbee posted a few weeks ago about how she was hoping to have an "election themed" rehersal dinner, and I was SO EXCITED to read that , because FI and I had been talking about doing something very similar.

Since we are getting married less than two months before the Presidental Elections and our marriage is taking place in DC, a few blocks from the whitehouse, we thought it would be "fun" to put that twist on our rehersal dinner! Nothing too extreme--Just signs with names as "running mates" ( i love plays on words) and differnt polls/trivia/tests throughout the night, since the rehersal dinner is just for close friends and family we thought this could be fun :)

FI and I are both very involved with D.C politics, and we thought this would be a nice nod to not only our careers but our interests! Are any other brides out there planning something similar or having a little bit of fun with your rehersal dinner?


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