Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Bowies' official "15 minutes of fame"

So if you missed it, it's okay. It'll be on again tonight at 10PM on the Style Network and then nearly every day for at lesat the next week. What am I talking about? That would be the premiere episode of "Whose Wedding is it Anyway?" aired of our wedding this morning at 6AM.

I could have announced this early showing before it happened but, honestly, nobody (except for us and some of our family) really would actually wake up that early to see it. Also, it was the first time that we would be seeing our show and we kind of wanted to experience it as much before everyone else as possible to prepare ourselves for later during "prime time" when the new weekly episode is more widely known to air.

First off, I'm pleased enough with how it was edited. It could have worse but it really could have been better, too. There was a lot that wasn't shown (more of Mr. Bowie's family, the welcome dinner at Dave & Buster's, etc.) that could have made it a lot more fun and memorable the way we remember it and it was mostly centered around my side of the family - unfair, I think. They also DEFINITELY look a very fair share of dramatic license to edit it in such a way that put the "blame" (if you will) on certain elements and aspects and individuals that I don't feel was entirely warranted. But that's television for you, right? I knew that would happen before I even saw it.

One thing I can't and won't complain about? I did not come across and was not edited to be the "hormonal" and "difficult" pregnant bride. Of course, I didn't give them much to work with in the way of making me out that way but still, it would have been an easy angle for them to take. Additionally, I don't feel like I looked as bad as I could have looked - in terms of feeling like I would look "big." And finally, I feel like, as far as Mr. Bowie and I are concerned, they definitely let the way we feel about each other really outshine a lot of the seemingly challenging things that happened and existed.

Sundonia and Jerome (the couple before us with Mrs. Nearlywed who were on the show) commented that, in retrospect, they would reconsider being on the show to have had the intimacy back of their wedding that they had to give up to have all of the television cameras there. For us? Certainly, at times, it was weird having cameras there and being hooked up to microphones but - I don't feel like we sacrificed very much of anything in the long run. Granted, we will have to live down the scrutiny of others who see the episode (make their own judgments of things that were and were not aired) BUT(!) we both really feel like we had the wedding of our dreams despite everything else. For us, happiness is a matter of choice and so we choose to look at the brighter side of things instead.


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