Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bring On the Short Pants

I "think" it's officially safe to say that Spring is here.  Despite 40 degree weather this past weekend and the fact that I have told al of my brides to get a shawl, I do feel as though the worst is behind us and warmer temps are in store.  So having said that I began thinking that capri's, skirts and my cute, cute walking shorts will very soon be making their debut.

So as a ritual I made my way to see if there was anything new on the razor front. Perhaps it's TMI but though i wax the brows, I shave the legs. I am trying out the
SchickĀ® Quattro, they say you can even skip a day... hmmm.... yet to be confirmed.

The other kind of cute thing is on their website they have created the funniest widget, yet another way not to get any work done!

You can customize the character - make them audibly say whatever you want - and send it to anyone you know that could use a "dream date." (You've already got a man Ms. Bride To Be!)

The dream date widget is here Have a go and send one to a friend.


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