Sunday, June 29, 2008

Alternatives to The Wedding Cake

With each wedding I attend, I think about how mine can be different. One part of the wedding that is always unimpressive is the cake! Brides spend sometimes thousands of dollars on a dessert that is often tasteless. In addition, by the time the cake is cut, the guests are either too tired or drunk to care what it looks like or tastes like!
So....I have decided against the cake and am thinking of other ideas instead. So far, the cupcake idea is all that comes to mind. I have also found the doughnut "cake" online as well. Anyone have any other non-traditional ideas instead of the wedding cake?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like the arrangement of the doughnuts on the tiers. It provides a clean and organized look to something that can easily look messy.

Monday, June 30, 2008 9:29:00 AM  
Blogger E in Flats said...

My fiance' and I are actually doing an Ooey Gooey Butter Cake bar. OGB cake is pretty well known around Saint Louis (the site of our wedding) and many of our guests are from out of town, so it will be a new delicious treat for them. The cake will be served in a 'bar' fashion with chocolate syrup, fruit, whipped cream, etc. for guests to layer on their cake.

: )

Monday, June 30, 2008 2:19:00 PM  
Blogger erin*carly said...

my former boss (many jobs ago) had the best wedding cake ever - brownie! thick, moist brownie, with creamcheese frosting between the layers and underneath the white fondant.

even better? he brought in the cake samples (since they were huge) to work after each tasting.

Monday, June 30, 2008 3:26:00 PM  
Blogger Kate said...

I love the mini dessert bar. Vanilla Bakeshop has great pictures on their site, as does Style Me Pretty.

Monday, June 30, 2008 5:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've actually had some very tasty cakes and weddings and since I don't drink I'm never too drunk to care.

Still, for my own wedding to Mr. Twistie, I didn't have a cake. Why? Mr. Twistie doesn't like them, no matter how good they are. I felt he should enjoy the dessert at his own wedding, despite his assurances that I should just go ahead and have my cake. I love cake, but I wasn't getting married to the cake. I was marrying Mr. Twistie and one of the very few opinions I could get out of him about the entire process was that he didn't like cake.

Instead, we had six different flavors of homemade fruit tarts. They were a huge hit, and we both loved them. There was enough variety that everyone could find a flavor they liked, and they could be baked in small batches over the course of several weeks, so there was no last-minute scramble to get them done. All in all, I think they worked out quite well.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008 10:52:00 AM  
Blogger hollly said...

Um...drooling now.

I like wedding cake or any desserts so no advice from me. Just drool.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008 11:01:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're having apple pie and apple cider donuts because we're getting married in the fall.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008 1:27:00 PM  
Blogger Jenn said...

We have been thinking of having different (awesome bakers) guests bring their signature deserts for a desert buffet. My other idea is having my step mom's mother make homemade fruit cobblers for each table. We have not decided yet though.

Thursday, July 10, 2008 7:45:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think cream puffs are a great alternative. Check these out from Pink Cake Box at:


Friday, August 01, 2008 2:18:00 PM  

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