Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I am Fed up with Fine China!

Ok, so I am new to this blog... A big HELLO to all the DC brides out there!

I am getting married in a little less than a year from now- on May 24th, 2009. I thought that a year is quite a long time to plan for a wedding. Well apparently not! I am dizzy with the thought of booking the perfect photographer, booking the band that will get everyone out of their seats and dancing, ordering food that the guests will be talking about for months, buying a wedding dress that doesn't make me look like I drowned in a sea of white ruffles, and on top of all that, dealing with two very involved mothers that live 1,000 miles away from each other.

However, during the past couple of weeks, I have only been obsessing over china...like I have time for that! My fiance and I went to Bloomingdales to begin our registry. The registry consultant asked us to describe our personal styles and at the same time my fiance uttered "modern," I blurted out "classic!" Then, I quickly said we liked angles while my fiance stated that we liked solid white. I think that the consultant was confused. We also stated emphatically that we did NOT want to register for china! Who needs china? We are in our 20's! Casual, everyday dinnerware would do just fine!

Guess what? We left registered for fine china, and lots of it! But....since we had told the consultant about our modern, classic, white, angled style????, she subsequently recommended Fusion White by Bernardaud. The registry consultant had persuaded us into registering for china, telling us that we would have it for the rest of our lives and someday, at some point in our lives, we would want to entertain. We conceded.

However, I have been pondering, no obsessing, over this fine china for the past few weeks. I have been studying pictures of china on our online registry site. If we are going to register for fine china, why should it be plain, white and boring?? I decided I need some color in my life. That is when I secretly deleted our white plates and registered for Laque de Chine Gold by Haviland. The plates and other pieces come in all sorts of fun, funky colors and you can mix and match! It took me a while to decide on colors but I ended up registering for the pistachio and chocolate combination, but I love the azure and mandarin combo as well! I am absolutely giddy. There is one problem- I have not told my fiance I changed this on our registry. Hopefully, he won't mind our dinner parties where I serve a steak on pistachio-colored plates and a salad on chocolate-colored ones! Who cares? I love it!

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Blogger Lara said...

Welcome, Miss Westend! This is too funny-- I registered for the exact same plates!! And let me tell you, I LOVE them! The pistachio is so fun to entertain on--I never get sick of using them. Congrats on a great choice!

Thursday, June 05, 2008 5:13:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

welcome! can't wait to hear how it goes when fiance finds out, heehee.

Thursday, June 05, 2008 6:22:00 PM  

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