Sunday, October 26, 2008

Venue Report: Newseum

I was lucky enough to attend not 1 but 2 receptions at the Newseum last week with my wonderful friend and former boss. The food, catered by Wolfgang Puck's The Source was delicious - despite it being "catered" -- of course! It's Wolfgang Puck!In addition to the wonderful tastes we sampled, we were privy to the spectacular view from a balcony reception room.

This is from the end of the balcony:
This is from the middle of the balcony:
And the balcony itself (think how beautiful she could look with some flowers, linens, and candles!):
The {breathtaking} capitol building at night:The adorably delicious dessert lollipops (stuck in sugar, not sand):I'm not the first (and I'm sure I won't be the last) person to blog about the Newseum as a possible reception space, but that view is definitely hard to beat! Reporters, journalists, newshounds, take note! Good food and good views.


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