Tuesday, September 22, 2009

photographer: check

So it sounds like I'm not alone in the wedding planning slump, the NearlyWeds have been quiet lately. I know Miss Charleston is in the final stretch, less than 2 weeks! I am le jealous.

Good news though - we have booked our photographer! Thanks everyone who responded to my previous posts on the topic - we've gone with Bisou Photography. Our photographer's name is Bong Lee, you can find him on Wedding Wire. His style is simple, not exactly Our Labor of Love or anything like that, but we really enjoyed meeting him and we're excited to have him. Honestly, not gonna lie, biggest factor was his pricing. Right now he just does this on the weekends as a second job, once he gets into it full time his prices will probably go up. I'm thrilled that we get to help him build his portfolio.

My mom and I had a good talk about that whole veil drama, I think she gets where I'm coming from and all is well. She still has opinions about Everything but she seems ok with the fact that I will not agree with her most of the time. She ended up making a quick sketch of the veil she had in mind for me... glad I nipped it in the bud. Not my style. Speaking of my veil though, it's coming along! I think I'm getting a feel for the way the netting behaves..

Random update on the marathon training: ugh! I'm sick right now and haven't been getting my runs in during the week. Supposed to do my 20-mile training run this weekend --> not. gonna. happen. Last long run was 16.5 miles, 2 weekends ago. :-o

Next on the to-do list: book DJ. And then a lot of those other items Miss Glen Echo listed off...

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Blogger Unknown said...

I have also been looking for a photographer and thought I had found one for a great price; however, I checked Bisou and their packages are even better. Is there any downside to their services? How are they able to offer such an affordable price compared to the D.C. vendors which are thousands?

Saturday, November 07, 2009 5:27:00 PM  

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