Monday, October 19, 2009

Ceremony musings plus: random DIY tip

I'm enjoying this lull in planning right now. I feel like I could get some things done and out of the way but I don't have to, and that's very pleasant. Probably once we get past the holidays I will enter the urgent-oh-crap mode but for now I'm enjoying just focusing on whatever I want, for however long I want.
Random I WANT: Gruyere and Black Pepper Gougeres. Found on Etsy - they're sold out but I just bet you can convo them for a new order. I've been looking for an idea for a "pre-ceremony finger food type thing,"I think this would be perfect.. (source)

Last night Mr. Fairfax and I had a really great little ceremony planning session. We went through the vows and ring exchange wording sent to us by our officiant, changed 'em up a little to our liking, and then went over the other pieces we'd come across that we'd like to work in.. it's very exciting. A couple times we said things out loud just to make sure they sounded ok and a little thrill went through me, like Wow. This is what we're going to say to each other. Weee! It's very exciting. Just need to figure out who we'll ask to read the special pieces we've picked out. Do you have special readings you'll ask friends/family to read during the ceremony? How did you go about choosing the readings/who would read them?

We've also decided we're totally stealing the Jewish wedding tradition of the yichud. I first heard about it on A Practical Wedding and it just seemed so darn perfect, I can't believe all wedding traditions don't include this. It might be the 15 minutes I'm most looking forward to.

This weekend I also set my mom on her projects - hand-painting our aluminum tins we'll use for favors, and designing a hand drawn map that we'll give to the guests in their welcome bags in their hotel rooms (she won't have to hand draw each one, I'll have them printed from her design). It's great having an artist mom! So glad I'm able to include her in these things so I don't have to feel bad for shooting down her veil ideas.. :)

Random tip: if you are doing any DIY paper pieces (program, invites, table signs, etc.), and you have not heard about Impress, go check it out! I heard about it a long time ago but only recently re-discovered it and immediately bought a bunch of stuff. I can't wait till it arrives so I can start stamping and punching every scrap of paper I have lying around..

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Blogger Unknown said...

I feel you, I just wish I had more time to do anything other than school work right now. The intensity of my wedding planning has been replaced with intense school work. It makes me nervous, though, because I have a feeling that in a couple of days/weeks when I see its early/mid November, I am going to freak out! 4 Months!

Monday, October 19, 2009 8:42:00 PM  

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