Thursday, October 01, 2009

Recap 1: The rehearsal and dinner

Our rehearsal was on the 3 year date to when Mr. GP and I first hung out. He'll call it our first date but it was our first solo hang out night.

I decided way before the wedding to not sweat the small stuff because after all, when life hands you lemons? You make lemonade.

The rehearsal was really the first snafu of the wedding. We knew we were going to have an after party, so we sent the best man and one of the groomsmen on a booze run.

Of course they decided to go out to Virginia. So of course they sat in traffic for almost an hour. Then! OF COURSE they decided to take showers upon arriving back at the hotel five minutes before the rehearsal was scheduled to start resulting in not one, but FOUR of the groomsmen to be thirty minutes late.

Our priest was none too pleased.

The Bridal Party at the rehearsal. Well most of it, two of my bridesmaids are missing.

The Groom and Best Man.

After rehearsal, we headed over to the dinner which was just up the block and around the corner at Hunan Dynasty on Penn. This restaurant is incredibly significant to us because, as I mentioned, it was where we got dinner together for the first time - the dinner that got the wheels churning in Mr.GP's head that he liked me.

Dinner was delicious. The room was fabulous, we didn't do assigned seating, we didn't really have speeches except from Mr. GP's father.

It was a family style dinner, with round tables seating about eight or so at each - we had nearly forty people at the rehearsal dinner.

For dessert, we picked out about 3 dozen cupcakes from Hello Cupcake - a big hit with the guests.

A narrow room but it was perfect for us!

The Groomsmen!

Stay tuned for the after party, getting ready, the ceremony, pictures, the reception, the after party and pictures from our honeymoon and of course...DIY madness and vendor reviews!

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