Tuesday, April 11, 2006


One of the things that seems like it won't be a problem may well turn out to be one. When my friend got married we toyed with the idea of making favors (generally too time-consuming) and opted instead for buying them pre- made. We were walking around Towson Town Center the day after my nephew was born and on a bit of a celebratory spending bender. As we wandered into the Lindt Chocolate store we noticed that they made favors. Half an hour later we left the store with four complimentary boxes of chocolate from having placed an order with them. While the issue of favors was easily taken care of, it was fairly expensive. If you want to keep a fairly tight rein on your budget, I don't think going for something like this is a good option.

When an English teacher friend of our family got married she and her fiancee had one of the best, most budget considerate favor options anyone could have thought of. Because she and her fiancee had a passion for reading, the bride opted to go to a used bookstore, like Olsson's (which has lots of locations in and around the city), buy many many books (all for less than a dollar each) and tie them up prettily with a ribbon and stick them in the center of the reception tables. At the end of the night, everyone took a book home. This was wonderful because she had great centerpieces that probably cut alot out of their costs on flowers and genuinely enjoyable favors for her guests. I am strongly considering this for my wedding.


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