Friday, April 07, 2006

Nails on the Go

Ok, you're planning a wedding and because you have such great friends and family who are all totally excited about the impending nuptials you never know when someone is going to pop and holler "Surprise" and whisk you off somewhere.
Sooooooo.... being the diva that you are you must always be perfectly coiffed and manicured. That is why this is just so wonderful ! Have Nail Taxi dispatch an experienced nail technician for an in-home (or office) manicure and pedicure. They use OPI and always have fabulous foot products at the ready.

Disposable liners in every foot tubs, and can you say Barbicide. No nasties here!

Now picture this with me you're in your office with someone working on your feeties while you surf the net for fabulous wedding favors!!!!! Heaven!!


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