Friday, April 28, 2006

Spotting a Fake

I took a hop "across the pond" to Denimology and found this terrific post on spotting fake jeans on eBay. It really got me to thinking about all the designer wedding dresses available on eBay and whether you can get a bargain or not.
My tips:
Check the seller feedback : Lousy feedback skip it.

Check the number of feedback the seller has accumulated: If it's in the thousands, then I doubt it's a bride who's worn the dress and now wants to get rid of it. This is a professional seller.

Ask for pictures of the label inside the dress: No one cuts out Vera Wang.

Ask about the alterations that were done on the dress. It may have started out a size 8 but has it been altered to a size 4? And how tall is the person that wore the dress? The hem could really mess you up!

Make sure you email the seller and ask for as much information as you can get on the gown, Why are they selling it? When did they wear it? Are there pictures of them in the dress? Has it been cleaned? Are there ANY spots or stains on the dress, including perspiration. What do the hem and train of the gown look like (grass stains, dirt etc.)

Good Luck!!


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