Thursday, April 27, 2006

Central Centerpieces

I just met with my florist today to talk about centerpiece ideas. I never knew centerpieces were so "central" to setting the entire mood at the reception. My florist so eloquently remarked that "centerpieces ignite the overall motif of the event". After thoughtful consideration, I do agree!

I realize that beautiful centerpieces, whether floral, candles, or even edible friendly items can influence the decor of a wedding, because it allows you to draw the eye away from other things like undesireable linens or even place settings. But it can also diminish and destroy the beauty of certain items, for instance, it might not be a good idea to have centerpieces on a cake table or the bar area. It would be pretty distracting to have a centerpiece in the way of the placecards.

I've chosen my decor as a black and silver themed event with added hints of fuchsia and sprinkles of greenery. My florist asked me to close my eyes and smell a handful of veiled flowers as she thought the senses of smell and sight go hand in hand. I most certainly agreed, after partaking of several scents of orchids. I've now chosen orchids as my main floral motif with touches of other flowers. I'm still deciding on centerpieces though, as I want to prolong my decision to make sure its the right one and that I pick something that agrees with my own personal sense of style. I'd like a centerpiece that highlights the moment with passion, striking beauty, and festive fun, after all, what good is a dull but beautiful centerpiece.

I look forward to reporting back with my final decision.
PS - I do apologize that I've been absent for a while, I had a huge week long event at work that required me to pull 18-hour days. I'm so glad to be back however!


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