Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Design Your Bridesmaid Dresses

If you are really a picky bride or maybe I should be nice and say, if you have really picky bridesmaids or bridesmaids with dramtically differing body types take a trip over to Dress by Design.
Here at this site you can design each dress, choosing the perfect neckline, sleeve, length etc for each bridesmaid and then have them all sewn fromt the same fabric. I think it's a very novel concept and one ups the bridesmaids designers. For it never fails that you can pick two dresses from a designer and find that they aren't offered in either the same color or fabric.

There are some testimonials available on the site, before you head over there though beware, I only think one of the dresses looks flattering on it's designer. But hey they are happy so who am I?
Pricing appears to be comparable to most middle of the road bridesmaid dress designers.


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