Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A NY Wedding... in NOVA

As much as I love New York, growing up I always imagined I would leave it. Yet even after having moved to work in Washington DC and set up camp in Northern Virginia, I still always pictured the major events in my life taking place back “home” in Brooklyn: where there’s a bakery, a fruit stand, and a butcher on nearly every corner, where no one pronounces calamari “Kall-Uh-MarrEEE,” and everyone knows what tartufo is. As accustomed as I’ve become to the ways of Northern Virginia, I was still a bit surprised when my Italian-American family made the suggestion that I host my upcoming nuptials in the hometown I chose to start my family in.

Sure, the thought of not having fresh cannolis from Villabella Bakery, authentic Italian food from Michael’s and sauce that would make anyone say, “fugghedaboutit,” was chilling, but in spite of it’s lack of amazing Italian cuisine (at least outside my kitchen) this strange place had become home to me and after a little prodding, it seemed like the logical choice. Granted, I’m starting law school in 2 months and it would be much easier to plan a summer wedding from where I stand than travel back and forth to try and work out details – none of which, mind you, will be left to chance as I am afflicted with the worst case of perfectionism known to man. But would it be easier? Would it even border on easy? I can see all those brides out there shaking their heads doubtfully. You feel my pain, don’t you?

I am in grave danger of becoming Bridezilla.

Well, I suppose law school will give me a lot more to think about in the coming months, but for now, I am focused. Every bridal magazine you can imagine: I own it. Every mailing list for bridal shows, invitations, and honeymoon vacations you can sign up for: I belong to. My fiancé calls me at least twice a day to ask me why he’s getting emails thanking him for signing up for a Wedding Sweepstakes.

It has begun. Yet the nagging question of where and when and how are all swirling in my head constantly and after visiting one venue after another that was too big or too small, I am starting to wonder when I will find one that is just right. Goldilocks never had such a dilemma as planning a wedding away from her native land.

Fortunately, I’m up for the challenge.


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