Thursday, June 15, 2006

True Colors...The Fun in Picking Your Wedding Palate

As my Future Husband proposed, I knew immediately after quickly accepting and shrieking with excitement that I "must have Fuchsia" incorporated into the overall theme.

*If you watch SNL at all, you'll understand the "must have Fuchsia" phrase as relating to the crazy homemaker character*

The color inspires me, its lively and energetic and yet softly muted and sensous like a long lasting kiss. At first impression it can be vibrant and LOUD, but to me, the color is a visual beauty anchored with passion and grace.

For a quick fact: Fuchsia is a part of the Windows VGA 16-color palette.

Now on to other thoughts (Yes, I can get carried away with fuchsia)...

Anyways, I decided upon that and then used an assembly of coordinating hues and tones to balance and enrich it, and ultimately make it POP as intended!

I choose platinum and blush pink as coordinating colors and black as a contrast color- and frankly seeing them together, made me teary with emotion!

I wanted to give a little option that I found along the way for helping to pick the color palette for your wedding:

Colors 101: How to choose
Remember ROY G BIV? It's the color wheel: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Using this wheel as a tool will help you to strike a visual balance by selecting colors that blend or contrast. "Colors adjacent to each other work well together, and opposites always attract," notes Maria McBride-Mellinger, wedding stylist and author of The Perfect Wedding Reception, The Perfect Wedding, and The Wedding Dress and Bridal Flowers. "Even within a color there are always layers," she adds. "The easiest way to select a complementary color is to select another shade of the same color or to work across the color wheel."

Colors 411: What to choose and how to use
"You know what your favorite color is you've known since kindergarten. So go with what you love, even if it’s Pepto-pink. There is a way to tastefully incorporate any color by combining it with other hues of the one dominant shade. Bridesmaid dresses may range from bright fuchsia to light strawberry to dusty rose, and the spectrum of the colors in the pink family carried out in the flowers, invitations, linens, favors will create a fresh and feminine pink paradise reception."

Hopefully these tips will help you along as you decide on your palette

-Excerpts from Colors 101 and Colors 411 posted from The Knot Inc.


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