Tuesday, April 17, 2007

As Read on the New York Times

"A jazz lover and a saxophone player were immediately drawn to one another, despite their differences in age, race and profession."

He is 34, she is 51. He is black, she is white. He is a professional musician, she is a CEO of a large hospital. He lives in New York, and she lives in Miami - even after the wedding....

The aspect of their difference that struck me the most was their gap in age. Have do you feel about May/December romances? I thought 30-50, what a wealth of life experience that is simply missing from this relationship; what about children?; what do they have in common? where questions running through my head, and my mind continued to ponder the state of their relationship all throughout the week (whenever it got a free moment from mourning my computer's death.)

Because it's ohhh-so-easy to do when you're not a part of it....

But, it's funny, while I was originally struck by the age difference, as I typed the many differences between the two, I was struck by how much DIFFERENCE there is between the two.

So I leave this out there: How much difference is too much difference?


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