Friday, August 31, 2007

Promise for the Savvy Bride

I've spent the last couple of weeks bridal gown shopping around the D.C. area. I've probably been to ten stores in all so I feel like I now know the D.C. market pretty well. I have two more stores to visit but I wanted to start blogging about some of the stores I liked the most.

I know that store recommendations are a highly personal thing and it all depends on the type of shopper you are and what your budget is - one girl's "attentive" is another girl's "annoying." Some don't like to be bothered while others want attention lavished on them during their "moment." So my loves might be your hates.

So far my favorite store hands down has been Promise for the Savvy Bride in Bethesda. They have a small but varied selection of gowns from unique designers ...I like the idea of wearing something from a designer that isn't all over the place (no offense Vera and Monique). On average their dresses are b/t $2,500-4,500.

I worked with Kori who was very down to earth. No snobbishness here. She was very comfortable to chit chat with. Most important to me, though, is a KNOWLEDGEABLE attendant. What colors does the dress come in? What fabric is this? Can this neckline be changed? Kori knew off the top of her head and she didn't have to look at the dress tag to know. I really appreciate attendants who know their merchandise.

They were on time for my appointment, I didn't feel rushed, I was allowed to browse through dresses myself and with Kori, and try on as many dresses as I wanted. Kori made suggestions and when I asked her opinion she gave it honestly.

So far my favorite dress was from this store (a Kori recommendation) and it is my front runner. Like all things weddings it is "a little more" then I wanted to spend on a dress which is why I've continued to look around. If I do find something I like this weekend at a better price I might have to forget getting my dress from Promise but I can honestly say if I buy someplace else I'll be disappointed I couldn't have bought from them.

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Blogger Mrs. NearlyWed said...

I too LOVE Promise for the Savvy Bride. I love the uniqueness of the dresses, your girlfriends won't have "your dress" before you get to wear it.

Friday, August 31, 2007 4:31:00 PM  

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