Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cider House Rules!

Recently little bottles of champagne have become popular either as wedding favors, gifts in your out-of-town bags, or just a cute way for you and your bridesmaids to relax before the ceremony. Well I'm actually not a huge drinker and the church we are using forbids having any alcohol on the premises so so much for taking the edge off before the ceremony. I think a great (and cheap) alternative to the pricey champagne bottles are miniature sparkling cider bottles!

Alpenglow is a Virginia based, family run, business that produces five different varieties of sparkling cider. They sell to the public and they sell their miniature bottles as pictured below in a case of 24 for only $25 . That's only a little bit over a dollar a bottle. These would make great "welcome to Virginia" gifts in an out-of-town bag or cute favors to send your guests home with at the end of the night. Not to mention you won't have to worry about any DUIs.

If your colors are pink then the cute little pink bottle below would be perfect.

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