Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Sands of Time

The Sand Ceremony or Unity Sand Ceremony is a lovely novel idea, especially if you are outside and the winds make a unity candle prohibitive. It's simple enough to accomplish by hiking over to a local craft store and picking out your choice of kiddie craft sand and three containers. But as is expected in our Society, someone has to package it all together for us, to make it easier....

Memory Sands has done just that for us. My original intention was to plug the company but as I thought about it. The site is a little crazy and it took me FOREVER to find out how to purchase the daggone item and once I did I learned that the kit costs $79.99. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Kiddie Sand is about $1.79 per bag and you can locate really beautiful containers from Target, Pier One or Crate and Barrel for about $30.00 for the large one and a few bucks for the smaller 2. So in good conscience I cannot plug the company but can suggest that it's still a nice idea.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Folks! We're a new company and are learning how to make the website better and get the priceing lower. Really appreciated the feedback! The current production costs are high to include the vase, six bottle of sand, name tags & packaging, but with increased popularity, we can bring Memory Sands for less! We hope the convenience of a complete kit will save the running around to target and Crate & Barrel for all the pieces. Our kit is ready to go, one stop!
Robert Marshall

Thursday, August 23, 2007 10:47:00 PM  

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