Sunday, August 19, 2007

Do You Choo?

Shoes cause a lot of problems for me. I love them and my husband doesn't get it. He can't really grip the needs for shoes in every color, very heel height, both casual and dressy styles, seasonal wear, specific shoes bought solely to wear ONLY with one outfit etc. etc. etc. i am running out of excuses to give him on why i really do 'need' another pair of shoes. The closest we've come to a truce is my sworn promise to get rid of a pair in order to buy another. All i can say is i am REALLY glad I have a head start....

Jimmy Choo has renovated their NY location and if you love them take a read at the article done by the Times and learn a little about the brand and it's founder. (Then head on down to Chevy Chase and get your shop on!!)


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