Sunday, September 09, 2007

Chocolate AND Shoes, Be Still My Heart.

You may have seen something like these little cuties on Rachael Ray last season but I think these trump those made by Chocolaterie Maya.

The darling shoes shown here are the tamest selections from chocolatier Theobroma Cacao's new Erotique collection. The collection is made from Venezuelan chocolate (with a cocoa solid percentage of 70%) stuffed with treats such as strawberry or Champagne ganache and gilded with edible 22 carat gold highlights. There are eleven items in the Erotique Collection that include sculptural recreations of the human form and shoes. Each gift is beautifully presented in a brown and silver gift box and the chocolates are wrapped in lilac Christian Dior silk. The shoes shown above are £45 for a pair ( Just under $100 US).


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