Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Searching for "The One"

Since I fell in love with my cousin's Maggie Sottero gown, the Eleganza, and learned how economically priced it was, I began searching the Website regularly for one I loved. At the time, I was still 6 months from getting engaged and learned that my brother's fiancee would wear the same designer on her wedding day. That's when I really got down to business and found the Candice...my dream gown.

I knew, however, that I wanted to save dress shopping for a time when there was an actual ring on my finger, not just talk of an approaching engagement. So I waited. When the moment finally came, within the week I had called every bridal salon listed on Maggie's site in search of the dress, and out of 14 within 50 miles who carry her line, only one had it. With my best friend in tow, we booked it to the shop, I tried it on and I fell in love.

Road block #1: I was still in Altanta and knew that within a month I would be moving to the DC area. It was the only dress I had tried on and I was nervous about ordering it down South and then having to bring it up here to
find someone to alter it. So I didn't buy it that day. I called a salon local to DC and was told it was there, so I didn't worry.

At this point, I wanted to try on the dress again, get the opinion o
f my MOH and compare it to other options just to make sure it was "the one."

Road block #2: A
fter moving, surprise surprise, I called the salon and was told they never even carried that dress.

Road block #3: Back at square one, I called more than 15 bridal salons within 50 miles o
f Arlington/ Shirlington and didn't find it.

Then, I got a call back
from Julie at TLC Bridal Boutique. Out of almost 30 salons carrying Maggie Sottero, she was the only person who took the time to offer me a solution, even though her salon didn't carry the dress. She would order a sample straight from Maggie. It would cost $40 for shipping and it would take a few weeks, but she would call me when it shipped so I would know it would be there within 4 days. Today I got the call from her. She made sure to tell me the dress would be discontinued by mid-October so I had a time frame to make a decision.

The point o
f all this? When you think you've found the one but you need time to make sure, ask how long they'll carry it and what your options are to try it on again if someone buys the sample, especially if it's not from the current season.

Second, surely someone I talked to at an exclusive Maggie Sottero retailer knew they could order the sample. I can't wait to head over to TLC Bridal Boutique. I'm a stickler
for customer service and this is what they offer. Julie has always been nice and never treated me like a crazy potential customer taking her time while she had someone ready to buy a dress in the showroom. Not only am I excited about my gown (which will cost me less than my prom dress did), I'm excited to give my business to a boutique that deserves it.


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