Sunday, September 30, 2007

Time To Set The Table

The woman who used to live in my new apartment is engaged, and has yet to forward her mail. I know this because yesterday I "stole" her new copy of Martha Stewart Weddings. (Also available online.) In general, I find bridal magazines to be only mildly helpful. There are usually a few good articles about how to cut costs, and anything that can tell me what style of dress will best hide my problem areas is always welcomed; but for the most part, I find them to be mostly pretty pictures of dresses I could never afford and bodies I will never have. Oh, and a lot of advertisements. This particular edition, however, had a really good article about table settings--something I've been struggling to conceptualize in my mind. One suggestion really struck a chord with me: have wine bottles play double duty. They suggest printing out table numbers and placing them over the labels on wine bottles. I really like this idea and may very well use it myself come May. I was already planning to have bottles of wine set out on the tables, and by using those bottles as table markers too, I can avoid cluttering up the table space. Plus, if you choose the right font for your table numbers, it looks very classy.

I also really like this idea:I think it is a really nice idea to place a different picture of you and your fiance at each table. Choose photographs from throughout your relationship and display them in chronological order, with the earliest photograph presented at Table 1. Your guests could visit each table during the reception and see how your relationship progressed from its earliest beginnings to its current state. Make the last photograph one of your engagement pictures. When the wedding is over, you can take all of the photographs back home with you and hang them all together on one wall, perhaps surrounding a larger framed picture of the two of you on your wedding day!

Another really cool idea I have read/heard about is to have your table cards play to your wedding theme (if you have one). For example, my fiance and I have chosen our trip to Europe as our wedding theme. While we are not going over the top with this theme, we do plan to incorporate it into different elements of our wedding. We have considered the idea of, rather than numbering our tables, naming them after landmarks or locations that we visited in Europe and having pictures that we took in Europe accompany the table names. So rather than sitting at Table 3, people would sit at La Tour Eiffel, and get to see a picture of the Eiffel Tower on Bastille Day, lit up by fireworks. Yes, it sounds a little a hokey, but it can also be a nice way to let your guests share some of the experiences that have brought you and your future husband closer in love.


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