Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wonderful Graffiti Still Wonderful

I know Wonderful Graffiti has been featured on pretty much every wedding and interior design blog for their wall graffiti , but I just realized they have a whole separate website devoted to weddings - Wonderful Graffiti Wedding, and they have moved far beyond their traditional wall decals. If you don't know what Wonderful Graffiti is, it is a thin piece of matte vinyl that looks printed but is removable and will not damage walls or other surfaces. It's an easy way to add personalization without a ton of expense.

^ This wedding car graffiti looks much nicer and won't harm your car's finish like traditional shaving cream and shoe polish. Not to mention you won't be scraping of flecks of white for the next six months.

^I adore these restroom icons . These would be so cute on the bathrooms at your venue.

^ Just in case your guests get confused over which church is yours you can get these above door signs.

^And for the traditionalists they still have their traditional wall graffiti. This one is an Irish Toast.
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