Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Whirlwind Work/Wedding Week

And so it begins. As of today, I'm officially a working bride planning a wedding. My few months between college graduation and starting my career were a nice break, but this morning I embarked on my debut as a media relations coordinator for a top 3 national news network. It's amazing, but it demands 24/7 on call status and long...loooong hours. Luckily, the work week is Sunday to Thursday which allows me to meet with vendors and get planning done on Fridays.

Speaking of which, I spent my last day of freedom yesterday being a productive little planner. Most importantly, I ordered my dress. It's the Candice, which I mentioned a few days ago. It was a long drive to TLC Bridal Boutique in Frederick, MD but it was worth every drop of gas. Julie and Terri were exceptional to work with, both professionally and personally. They both have such a sunny and warm disposition. They carry a nice array of gowns and are experts at maximizing the bride's budget while still maintaining the vision of her dream gown.

I also met with Christina at Paperzest. What I liked most was that she wasn't one of those people who introduces herself and then asks you 100 questions about what you're looking for. She's more of a conversationalist who uses your personality and color palette to find the perfect invitation. We decided on pearlized ivory pocketfolds with eggplant accents which she'll put together within the next 3 weeks and send a few (free) samples to nail down the details. The Paperzest showroom is in Reston, and I found it relatively easily.

It's going to be an interesting transition into the work force as a bride! I'll keep you updated as to how I'm striking a balance between the two.


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