Tuesday, October 09, 2007

And Eating It Too...

Ever since I was a little girl my Dad has had only one request in regards to my wedding: "Please do not smash cake into each other's faces." At every wedding we ever went to where this was done he made it a point to say how much he disliked it. I don't know why he feels so strongly about it...maybe he thinks it's tacky or maybe he doesn't like the symbolism. Supposedly feeding each other cake is supposed to represent unity and caring for one another. Originally it also had ties to promoting fertility. I don't know about all that but the smashers certainly get better pictures. Personally, I don't want to ruin my dress or makeup so I don't mind respecting my father's wishes, plus I kind of like the loving act of feeding each other. I think I'm probably in the minority now as most of the weddings I go to there is some sort of playful smashing. So will you be a feeder or a smasher?

^Look at that cake fly! Photo from the amazing husband and wife team The Wiebners.

^This one kind of scares me. Black icing and a white dress..eek! Photo from Kimberly Brooke Photography.

^Oh man I think her face is going to be sticky for the rest of the night. Photo from Chenin Boutwell.
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