Monday, October 08, 2007

To Mix or Not to Mix

Cognac for mixing? I recently planned a wedding where the groom, at the reception, came up to me and aksed that I inform the bartender to stop cutting the cognac. I indicated that he was only following the request of each guest. His reply was, I would rather remove the cognac from the bar than to see it watered down, it's defeating the purpose.
It's an interested point in that many couples would like to raise the level of their affair and you can only raise the bar as much as the guests can accommodate. having said that, there is a fantastic new cognac on the market. The new Courvoisier Exclusif a new version of Courvoisier that is designed to be mixed in a cocktail. It is a blend of six to 12-year-old cognacs. The Exclusif will not dilute when served in a cocktail and recommended cocktails include a new version of the cosmopolitan and a champagne cocktail. The Courvoisier Exclusif sells for around $50.
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