Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bride of Frankenstein?

This actually isn't about me but rather a certain person I know by proxy. But I mention it because (honestly) the whole idea of people "going bridal" amuses me to no end.

So, one of my best gals in the whole wide world has something crazy, like, four weddings within the next year. One in particular is fast approaching and she is in the wedding party. This wedding has become quite a... *um*... ordeal. (And that's putting it mildly!)

She's already been required to fly around the country to MULTIPLE locations for various wedding events AND she's actually going to have to LEAVE the country (and get this special visa and stuff) to actually attend/participate in the actual wedding. At the engagement party she was walking across the room for some reason and the bride actually came up behind her and said, "YOU ARE WALKING TOO SLOWLY." *AreYouKiddingMe???*

The latest production is the bridal shower and bachelorette party - all in one day that of which my best gal is flying in for a mere 24 hours for. That's not even the worst of it though! The WORST of it is that (for whatever reason) there's a dress code for these parties. It's been decided (by whom it's a mystery) that EVERYone must wear a sundress (In NOVEMBER!) AND all black (but all the shades of black MUST MATCH PERFECTLY).

This has posed as a major issue for my best gal.

  1. She doesn't even own a sundress! Seriously. She doesn't like them so she doesn't own/wear them and she's had one heck of a time acquiring one at this time of year.
  2. She (for whatever odd reason) doesn't currently have black pants. SO - she has to find a pair (and she's kind of tall so pants are an issue anyway for her) and also a "perfectly matching" black top.
  3. The sundress is supposed to be some specific color that she's been assigned to in accordance with this "beach"/"sea" theme. *(again)AreYouKiddingMe???*

I love my best gal!!! And I feel so sorry for her as I've watched her go through this over the past few weeks/month. But I must admit - it's kind of entertaining to watch but surely it's like that since I am not the one dealing with it.

I told her that she should show up like Tom Hanks in Castaway or like a Pirate because it's a "sea" theme right??? That made her laugh and feel a little better, I think, for the time being.



What can you do, right? I, myself, got a bit of a "talking-to" (if you could even call it that) last weekend from our photographers (I work with them) about how the Big Day is MY DAY *afterall* and I should start putting my foot down more about stuff.


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