Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Would You Let Your Groom Plan the Wedding?

This story is hilarious. I mean not laughing at the bride but at her ingenious creativity in making the best of a difficult situation. You have to read the whole story here. In short, the couple won a contest awarding them an about $30,000 US wedding of their dreams. The only catch, the bride would have to be hands off of the planning completely. This sentence started off the madness:
The moment I knew I wouldn't be having the wedding of my dreams was when the invitation fell through the doormat.As I looked down at the shoddily cut cardboard, frayed ribbon and the wording that had obviously been printed straight from our home PC on to photocopier paper, I couldn't help but burst into tears.
So would you allow your groom to plan your entire wedding? a better question, I guess would be ... Would you allow yourself to enjoy the wedding your groom planned for you? After all, that's pretty much what he's doing isn't it??


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