Thursday, October 18, 2007

Changing it up

These days it's seemed to become quite the norm to have not one dress but two! I never would have thought this would be something that I would do except we are having a very East-meets-West wedding and to be able to incorporate both the American culture with the Asian/Vietnamese culture, I'm going to wear a traditional Vietnamese wedding Ao Dai. My pick is the following:

It will be ordered from a website called AoDaiVinh.com. It's based in Vietnam and the outfit will be custom made for me and then shipped over here to the states all for a measly $100 or so. Crazy??? Yeah! It is! And the workmanship is phenomenal too!!! I know because I've ordered from the site before!

I will be wearing a traditional white wedding gown for the ceremony and then changing part way through the reception into the Ao Dai. I'm actually really excited about it because Ao Dais are VERY comfortable to wear (like wearing really nice silk pajamas) and it will be so much easier to dance and groove in.

My shoes? I'll be wearing "ruby red" ballet flats. Think Dorothy's ruby red slippers. I know... it's a little silly but I figured why not have fun with it all and live out a girlish dream of mine and finally have ruby red slippers. :) They are comfy and cheap and I found them at Marshalls in the girls shoe section.


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