Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Our place of promises

Want to see our church?

The name of it is Trinity Lutheran. The top picture is the exterior and the bottom is the interior. Sorry for the quality of them. The top one I pulled off of the website and I don't know who took it and the bottom one I had to take with the camera on my phone. Whenever I can locate my USB cords, I will try and take better pictures with my big camera and post those.

It's a Lutheran church (not ELCA) and we are not just getting married in it. We actually are becoming active members (we've already started premarital services and Sunday school and stuff) and we are even becoming good friends with the Pastor. Because we will be members, it won't cost us anything to get married in the church. If we just came in off the street it would actually be $1200!!! Crazy, eh? It IS a beautiful church though. The pictures just don't justify it's beauty at all.

The things we like so far about our church:
  • It's not stodgy in architecture at all and with the A-frame design in the sanctuary, the ceiling is so insanely high.
  • See the big cross that hangs at the very front? All the way down either side of it there is stained glass in blue, green, and yellow and when the sun shines, it splashes all of the colors onto the cross and it is one of the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in any church. And it will be illuminated just like that for our service! YAY!!!
  • Our pastor is so cool! He's actually only 33 and newly married with a child himself but that's not the cool part. The cool part is that he looks and sounds just like Quentin Tarentino. Is that not the craziest thing in the world??? We haven't told him this because we're still not sure how he will take it but it's completely the truth. I mean, he doesn't say and do all of the vulgar or crazy things that Tarentino does but he definitely looks and sounds like him. And WE think it's pretty cool. Also, he's a really good pastor - sermons and stuff.
So that's our church! We will be having a 3:00PM ceremony with a full-service (following the Lutheran values of faith and worship) and then our reception will be a very short drive down the road and will start at 5:30PM. And the other thing is that we are kind of having two different themes - ceremony will be Lily of the valley and reception will be Asian/Vietnamese.


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