Sunday, October 28, 2007

Much more than a thousand words

Thought you might enjoy checking out some samples of the lovely team that is doing our photography...

[all images from BalanceWeddings.com]

Nathaniel Corn and Nerissa Miller are Balance Weddings and Balance Photography. They are a husband and wife team who have some of the most brilliant work I've ever seen. The thing that I actually like the best about them is that they aren't just wedding photographers and they have a ton of photography experience in the publishing and photojournalism industries. And I really think that shows in the work that they do for weddings.

One of my favorite magazines in the world is Life magazine. Growing up my mother had a coffee-table book of "The Best of Life" and I used to look through it for hours. I loved how the pictures seemed to make real life come alive. The pictures never looked like just photographs. For me, Nathaniel and Rissa do exactly that.

Certainly the photography has been one of the most important elements for this wedding. And definitely the fact that I shoot weddings myself has a ton to do with where I place my priorities but just the same, flowers wilt and clothing goes out of style, but memories can truly last a lifetime when they are captured as beautifully as they happened in pictures.


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