Saturday, November 10, 2007

Getting the Right Fit

When I was in Atlanta last weekend I made an appointment at Intimacy, a lingerie store in Atlanta. They have branches now in New York, Chicago, and are opening one in Boston but they started in Atlanta. You may have seen them on Oprah or the Today Show, but if not, they are known for their bra fitting techniques and for helping women to find their right size.

It's true that most women are wearing the wrong size bra and I wasn't an exception to that rule. Like most women I was wearing a band size that was too large and a cup size that was too small. Most of the support you need should come from a snug band and not from your straps. Plus I was wearing the back of my band too high. It really should sit more down towards the middle of your back.

What I really liked about Intimacy was that they offer free alterations on bras. If you are a hard to find size (apparently I'm a 30in band size!) they will alter the bra (in my case from the more common 32in to the harder to find 30in). Did I mention the alterations were free? I had one bra altered and they are shipping it to me from Atlanta. Since they were shipping out of state they waived the sales tax.

I know you are thinking "there is no way I could wear a 30/32/34 band size" or "I know I'm not bigger then a B cup max." But look at the photo of the fitting they did below of a woman for Family Circle Magazine. She's a fuller figured woman and she always assumed she wore a 38DD but in reality she should have been wearing a 34FF. If she's a 34 doesn't it make you wonder what your band size really is?

Now there isn't an Intimacy shop in D.C. but on their website they recommend lingerie stores in the area that are good at fitting bras. In our area they recommend Coup de Foudre in D.C., Sylene in Bethesda, The Full Cup in Old Town Alexandria, and Trousseau in Vienna.



Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Miss Capitol Hill,

I actually lived right across the street from the mall in Atlanta where the Intimacy store is, and I let myself live there for more than 2 years without ever actually going in and taking advantage of their bra fittings. Now I've seen them on Oprah and everywhere you mentioned, so this is totally on my list of places to visit on my next trip home!

Saturday, November 10, 2007 4:39:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally did the same thing...I lived in Atlanta for a while...would always walk by it when I was in Phipps Plaza and it never crossed my mind to walk in. I guess I thought maybe the lingerie was too expensive for me (right out of college) or it was more older lady lingerie (totally not true). Wish I'd walked in back then.

Saturday, November 10, 2007 9:32:00 PM  

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