Friday, December 07, 2007

A peek behind the scenes

We are still undecided about how to go about this wedding business now that the baby business has shown itself. The two options that we are kicking around so far are as follows:

  1. Small and intimate wedding (ala Carolyn Bessette and JFK Jr. like I have dreamed about from the beginning anyway!!! Woooooo!!!) with just our immediate family and grandparents at our church and then a dinner party like celebration at a local favorite restaurant. This will happen much earlier than our original end of April date. We are thinking the weekend before Valentine's as that's actually the anniversary of when we first exclusively dated.
  2. See #1 above + a renewal of the vows ceremony, christening for the baby, and wedding-like reception at our church. This would be the "wedding" event that has been talked up and anticipated by all and will likely happen sometime in August after the baby is born and *hopefully* I would still be able to wear my lovely wedding dress by this time.
There are pluses and minuses to both options. One of the biggest things is money. We have budgeted for this wedding but now with the baby on it's way, that's a whole other thing that we can't just easily forget that needs to be included as well. We could do option 2 since my parents are all for it and would be footing the most of the bill for that but they've also opened up the option of us doing #1 and giving the rest of the budgeted money to us as a "wedding" present for us to use as a down-payment for our first house (that of which we need much more than a big ol' wedding)!

On a more definitive note, we've got ourselves a real-live baby!!!

These pictures are from our three month ultrasound that was done yesterday. Other than the fact that I somehow have developed a serious case of hypertension (blood pressure of around 160/110 that of which I ended up in the EMERGENCY ROOM for on Wednesday - NOT GOOD!), the baby is healthy and active and seemingly happy. (I'm on medication for the blood pressure by the way. Perhaps it's from wedding planning too???) We weren't able to determine if we've got a boy or girl yet but we did get to see the baby experience a somewhat amusing case of the hiccups - so cute!!! The top picture is my favorite and shows the baby with both hands/arms up to the face/head and the bottom shows a better picture overall of where the baby is developmentally.

And I guess that's it! Our next ultrasound will be in 8 weeks when I'm five months along and our next discussion of what to do about the wedding??? Probably within the next hour. And then tomorrow. And then the next day after that because WE. WILL. make a decision BEFORE Christmas. ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMGosh Baby Bowie is so big!! You can see arms and legs and everything.

Man as nice as it would be to have a bigger reception it's pretty hard to pass up money for a downpayment. We just bought a place and it's SO hard especially in our area. I think I'd have to go with option 1. You could always try to resell the gown or I've heard of some people having their gowns made into Christening gowns as well.

Friday, December 07, 2007 10:07:00 PM  

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