Monday, December 31, 2007

'Tis better to Give than to receive!

I seem to be planning an entirely different wedding now!!! Before we were doing a whole wedding weekend with 150-200 people that included such things as renting out Dave & Buster's, personalized chopsticks, a gourmet coffee barista stand, a full karaoke setup, and bamboo steamers with gourmet chocolate fortune cookies for everyone!

We are pretty much having none of that now. But that doesn't mean it will be any less great!!! We're just taking a much different approach now - that of which is making me SO Much happier because it's so much more of who husband2be and I are! I love how life works out like that. :)

We are having just 50 or so people now and most of them are immediate family and our best friends (in the whole world) who were already in the wedding to begin with. We have already cut out a ton of "frills" but I'd like to, if I could, leave in some of what we were going to do - like guest favors!

Vicky (the lovely mastermind "Mrs." behind this Nearlywed phenomenon!) sent a great forward out to us Nearlyweds that "pays it forward" by giving to charity in honor of the guests that come and share the wedding day.

Being the daughter of a mother who is a Social Worker, I've been raised to do everything I can to affect the world in a positive way. CHANGINGthePRESENT.org is an amazing organization that connects people who want to just this but aren't sure just where to start. You can give charitable gifts of money that help do things like sponsor chimpanzees (*swoon!* This one is my favorite!!!), provide hygiene kits, or help a disadvantaged woman "dress for success" by helping to buy her a business suit. Each of these causes are in the $15-$90 range which isn't that ideal for wedding favors for guests but they do have ones that still make a difference and cost significantly less like helping provide materials to international artisans who make their living off their craft, help build foundations for playgrounds, and help demine sports fields for people to play on in third world countries. Each of these are $5 donations if you prefer to do individual gifts rather than one large one.

I'm a sucker for helping anyway you slice it. The site is incredibly comprehensive and cool to look around to find what pulls on your heart strings the most and I'm just about sold on this for our guests!

Oh my gosh!!! I could help SAVE ELEPHANTS!!! *sigh* I'm an even BIGGER sucker to things having to do with elephants!


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