Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Taking it personally

Now that I'm married, I've got a LOT of people to thank for helping me to make it all happen!

Originally when we ordered the invitations, the designer sent us a thank-you card sample that matched the design of the invites. It was pretty. But, honestly, I was kind of bored with it. I guess I'm just not a matchy-matchy type?

So in my pursuit to find something "cool" for thank you cards, I remembered one of my favorite websites of all - Design Her Gals!!! They allow you to create incredibly personalized caricatures of yourself in all kind of designs and then they will print them on stationary, mugs, and even aprons!!!

I've spent all morning on the site drafting up and personalizing stationary notecards for us and I just ordered them! They're going to look just like this on the folded notecard style:

I couldn't decide between making us look like we were "just married" OR in our regular street-clothes and me with my prego belly. I decided in the end that the point was more to focus on the wedding and I can do another caricature of myself for the baby shower thank you's. Here's one that I've already drafted up and will likely use for that:

I've spent close to two hours on the site already this morning and I could spend probably another hour or two at least!!! It's like virtual paperdolls!!!

I've placed my order with the company (for our wedding thank yous) and hopefully will receive them all within the next week or so. They will be coming with their own envelopes and I've ordered 50 of them - hopefully that will be enough! I'm so excited about them and I will definitely let you all know how they come out.

[All images were captured by screenshot at DesignHerGals.com as linked within the post!]


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