Thursday, March 27, 2008

DIY Invitations...

DIY---My fiance just realized the other day what DIY stood for--I was making a list of DIY projects and he was quietly sitting there .....I had to call Momma Alexandria to ask about a DIY I had seen in a magazine that I really liked while on the phone with her I must have said the phrase "Do it Yourself" because when I hung up FI was grinning like a little kid waiting to tell me something..."yes dear" I asked "DO IT YOURSELF" that's what it stands for!! He was so pleased with himself, I let him have his moment....now he is starting to realize exactly what that means. He mumbled last night, and I quote "I thought the hard part was behind us, getting all the "big stuff"accomplished, now I realize I am so wrong". Hey I love a man that can admit when he is wrong :) The reason for FI's angst--with a little less than 6 months to go, all those DIY projects I've been thinking about/talking about are now starting to become a reality, and FAST. Including one MAJOR project that I will be posting about in the next months to come, our invitations. FI and I are doing them ourselves! We had a designer lined up, she did our Save the Dates and I LOVED them, but for invitations its going to be very expensive, and as I'm sure you all knwo how expensive a DC wedding is, so FI and I are enlisting or Designer friend to help design a template and we are working on the paper choices and with the help of Miss.Bubblegum over at wedding bee ( a picture below of her beautiful homemade invitations) I am feeling confident that FI and I will be able to accomplish this task! Don't worry though I will keep you updated every single painstaking step of the way :)

^ I love how professional hers look--FI and I are aiming for many of the same aspects including the pocket fold!

FI and I are also planning on making our own Menus/Escort Cards/Table Cards ( I will share these with you in another post )

Basically we are going to be busy, but we have a timeline and LOTS of help, so I feel confident everything will be accomplished! I will post more later :)


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